Contract address: EQC-t • • • uvHxJ
Name: Jetton kingy
Ticker: KINGY
Site kingy.wtfCoinMarketCap

Utility / Active

At the moment $KINGY token is available to you:

Add your project to the Catalog. It contains projects on TON which were checked and approved by members of the Kingyru Private channel. Many projects are rejected due to fair voting. Check the for more info.

Comment posts in the @investkingyru and @investkingyru_en channels. Our anti-spam bot has been cleaning the chat from spammers and suspicious links for over six months! We've implemented it on other channels, where it also cleans all spam. Now we implement it for $KINGY tokens.

Enter the Kingyru Private channel and chat.

Buy new legendary NFTs from the kingy TON collection at 20% off at There are only 15 NFTs left to complete the collection.

Promote your projects on the @investkingyru and @investkingyru_en channels.

Presentation: RU / ENG


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